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Founder Thao Nguyen (Jenny Nguyen)

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Academic background

  • Graduated with honors in the specialized field of International Economics from the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam;
  • Graduated with honors at the Faculty of Law, Vietnam National University, Hanoi;
  • Master’s degree in Business Administration from Southwest University of China, Chongqing, China.

Jenny Nguyen, an ambitious and highly accomplished entrepreneur, is the driving force behind Nhalambiz – a leading investment consulting firm in Vietnam. With an impressive academic background and a wealth of practical experience, Jenny is dedicated to providing top-notch consulting services to foreign companies seeking to invest in Vietnam.

Language Proficiency and Global Vision:

Jenny’s proficiency in English and Chinese positions her as an excellent communicator and facilitator for international clients. Her global vision and cross-cultural expertise enable her to seamlessly connect with foreign companies, fostering trust and understanding in their investment ventures.

Nhalambiz’s Professional Consulting Services:

As the founder of Nhalambiz, Jenny recognized the need for a professional consulting service for foreign companies seeking to invest in Vietnam. Together with her team of young and enthusiastic lawyers, and top experienced specialists in various sectors, she established a firm that caters to the unique needs of foreign investors.

Renewable Energy Consulting:

Jenny’s team places special emphasis on renewable energy consulting, recognizing the growing importance of sustainable solutions. With a focus on green energy, they guide clients through the intricacies of renewable energy projects in Vietnam, helping them tap into this burgeoning sector.

Industrial Park Investment Consulting:

Nhalambiz offers comprehensive support for foreign companies interested in investing in industrial parks, a vital aspect of Vietnam’s economic growth. From location analysis to regulatory compliance, Jenny and her team ensure a seamless and successful entry into these strategic areas.

With Jenny Nguyen at the helm, Nhalambiz provides personalized and result-oriented investment consulting services to foreign companies, making their entry into Vietnam’s dynamic market a resounding success. Trust in Jenny and her team to lead you towards profitable and sustainable investments in Vietnam.

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